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Outsourcing as a business strategy brings a number of benefits to companies that decide to use external service providers to perform certain tasks or projects. High variability of orders and a competitive business environment require finding flexible and efficient solutions. By entrusting a particular production process to an external entity, quantitative and qualitative standards are set, according to which the contractor is obliged to fulfill the process. Due to the specifics of payment ( payments are made for the amount of work performed, not for hours), we are interested in achieving the best possible performance indicators.

Recruitment of staff

We offer comprehensive support in finding and selecting the best candidates for our clients.

Resource management

Our company offers comprehensive support in administrative matters (payroll, health insurance, taxes and insurance).


We manage employment contracts and legalize the stay of foreign employees.

Accommodation and transportation

We provide housing for our employees. In addition, we offer support in organizing transportation for employees, providing them with safe and convenient means of transportation between their place of residence and the workplace.

Support of coordinators

Assistance in adapting to a new work environment and access to training. Especially when it comes to people from abroad, we help them adapt to new working and living conditions in Poland.

We are on the market for over six years;
We work with small and large companies all over Poland;
We will quickly find qualified staff for you;
We provide comprehensive services: legalization (visas, declarations, permits, etc.), accommodation, calculation and payment of salaries to employees;
We care about the comfort of our employees. We know that this directly affects the quality of their work.

Company name / NIP
Phone number
How many employees do you need?
For what position?
Дякуємо за звернення!
Виникла помилка

  • Machine operator
  • Warehouse assembler
  • Packer
  • Quality controller
  • Assistant storekeeper,
  • Production line worker and others.
  • Food machine operator,
  • Storekeeper,
  • Line operator,
  • Processor and others.
  • Food production worker,
  • Packer of food products,
  • Storekeeper in the food industry,
  • Food production line worker and others.
  • Storekeeper,
  • Forklift operator,
  • Loader on unloading and loading operations and others.
  • Electrician,
  • Plumber,
  • Installer,
  • Operator of production machines and others.
  • Assembler of automotive components,
  • Worker of an automotive production line,
  • Operator of production machines and others.
  • Waiter,
  • Cook,
  • Barista,
  • Administrator,
  • Kitchen assistant,
  • Waitress and others.
  • Agricultural worker
  • Gardener
  • Seasonal worker in agriculture
  • Animal husbandry worker
  • Garden worker and others.