Legalization in Poland for foreigners requires a careful approach and understanding of local legislation. We offer comprehensive assistance in this complex process, from obtaining a work permit, registering your business, to securing temporary or permanent residence. Our team of specialists will provide you with an individualized approach and assistance at every step of the way. In particular, we offer the following services:


What is a Pesel number?

In simple terms, PESEL is an identification number that stores basic data about a person. Although PESEL is not mandatory for foreigners in Poland, it makes life much easier and provides access to a wide range of services. With PESEL you can:

  • Obtain official employment.
  • Apply for admission to Polish universities.
  • Take out various types of insurance: health, life, car, and home insurance.
  • Open a bank account and get loans.
  • Get a driver’s license, register a car.
  • Conduct real estate transactions and register activities.
  • Create a profile in ePUAP for online services.
  • Obtain the necessary certificates from the tax service.

Why do you need a Meldunek?

Meldunek or Zameldowanie is, in other words, a residence permit. This is a registration at the place of residence in Poland, which can be obtained as follows

Meldunek (Zameldowanie) is a registration at the place of residence in Poland. It can be obtained by residents and non-residents. A temporary meldunek may be necessary to obtain a driver’s license, apply to medical institutions, banking services, and car registration.

We will help you to obtain a PESEL and a temporary meldunek, if necessary. Contact us for a convenient and efficient solution to your needs in Poland.

Karta pobytu

Karta Pobytu is a document that confirms the identity of a person during his/her stay in Poland. When you receive the card, you can count on the state aid that Poles receive, you will no longer need to open visas, you can travel without additional documents, register with the consulate and receive other pleasant bonuses. Our services are divided into two types:

Assistance in applying for a residence card:

  • Consultation;
  • Assistance in preparing documents;
  • Assistance in making payments;
  • Free photo on the card;
  • Sending documents to the foreign office.

Full support of your application:

  • Consultation;
  • Assistance in preparing documents;
  • Assistance in making payments;
  • Free photo on the card;
  • Sending documents to the foreign office;
  • Correspondence management;
  • Sending all necessary documents;
  • Calls to the office;
  • Registration for fingerprinting;
  • Registration for card pickup.

We will answer any questions you may have:

Invitation for crossing the border

If you are planning to go to work in Poland but do not have a work invitation, our service is designed for you. We provide invitation letter services without reference to our vacancies for citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Belarus.

Advantages of our services:

  • Fast processing: The invitation will be ready within 3-7 days.
  • Availability for different countries: We provide assistance to citizens of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus. If your country is not on the list, we can also assist you in obtaining a Zezwolenie (work permit in Poland).

How it works:

  • Preparation of documents: we will prepare invitations without reference to specific vacancies within 3-7 days for your country.
  • Other services: if your country is not on the list, we will assist in obtaining Zezwolenie, including a package of documents from the employer for opening a visa.

cv in Polish and English

We are ready to help you create a resume in Polish and English. Our team of experts knows how to choose the right words and wording to make your resume attractive to employers.

Our services:

  • Resume design: we will create a professional resume for you that will set you apart from other candidates.
  • Languages: We will provide you with a resume in Polish and English so that you can address employers in two languages.
  • Attractiveness for employers: our goal is to make your resume so that the employer is interested in you.

We will help you apply for and receive child benefits

On January 1, 2024, the amount of the allowance for children under 18, known as the 500+ program, was increased from PLN 500 to PLN 800 per month for all eligible persons in Poland. The amount of the allowance is changed automatically, without the need to submit additional applications for those who are already recipients of the allowance

For Ukrainians who are under temporary protection in Poland, this increased benefit is also available. Those who have already received child benefits under the 500+ program in 2023 will receive the increased amount in 2024 automatically.

Interestingly, the first payments of the increased allowance of PLN 800 were made on January 2, 2024, and PLN 547 million was transferred to parents’ bank accounts, meaning that 684,000 children were assisted.

  • For children under 18: a one-time allowance for parents, regardless of their income.
  • Monthly payment: applying annually and getting paid every month.
  • No hassle: we will help you get this benefit with ease.

Photos for documents

Urgent photos for any document:

  • Fast and high quality: We know that sometimes time is a critical factor.
  • A photo for a visa or passport: We are ready to help you by taking and processing photos.
  • We take photos, process them, and print them: Get your photos ready in the shortest possible time and with a great mood.

Profil Zaufany

Interaction with e-service platforms: login to various platforms such as PUE ZUS.

Control over payments to ZUS: helps employers control the payment of social security contributions.
Submitting applications and receiving services:
registration at the employment center.
Logging in to the tax office website and submitting tax returns.
registering a business.
obtaining a European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ).
Solving issues related to children:
applying for assistance under the Rodzina 500+ program.
Receiving other types of financial assistance for families with children.
Other features:
checking and editing your own data in the PESEL register.
checking data on penalty points for the driver.
Car registration / deregistration.
obtaining a certificate of no criminal record, etc.

Our assistance: We will help you create a Zaufany Profile, fill out the questionnaire, register you for a visit to ZUS to confirm your profile, and provide personal support if you need help with communication.

We will help you prepare an income tax return

Why is it important to calculate PIT?

  • Checking debts: The calculation allows you to determine whether you have tax liabilities.
  • Refunds: If you are eligible for a refund of a portion of your income.
  • Receiving child support: To get support for your children.

How we can help:

  • Consultation: We will provide information and advice on how to calculate PIT.
  • Preparation of documents: We will assist in preparing the necessary documents for filing the declaration.
  • Submission of the declaration: Maintaining the calculation and submitting the return to the authority.

We will help you to get a sanitary book

Our services include:

  • Consultation: We provide information on the necessary procedures and documents.
  • Organization of medical examination: We will help you arrange a medical examination in the shortest possible time.
  • Registration of a sanitary book: We will provide you with a health record book for a period of 3 years.