Production and packing of the meat products - WORK TIME

Production and packing of the meat products

City: Trzebiechów


  • 500 PLN/month – deducted from the salary;
  • comfortable hostel;
  • there is everything you need (refrigerator, bathroom, washing machine, Wi-Fi)


  • 21 -25-50 PLN/hour;
  • more than 170 hours-22 PLN net per hour;
  • over 230 hours – 23 PLN net per hour;
  • fillet carving 25,50 PLN per hour;
  • there are bonuses for quality and speed of work, from 200 to 1000 PLN per month;

Type of work: meat preparation and packing of products.

Work schedule:

  • 12 hours a day;
  • shifts from 06:00-18:00, 10:00-22:00;
  • two breaks (20 minutes and 15 minutes);
  • only daytime shifts;
  • average 230 hours + – those who want to work more have more than 250 hours per month.


  • The company has been operating since 1991. It has proven itself well in Poland and abroad. The company’s main specialization is turkey cutting and butchering.
  • Work that does not require special skills and experience in a specially equipped production facility.
  • We deduct 200 PLN from the first salary for a medical certificate.


  • work in the meat cutting department, separating bones from meat;
  • cleaning, sorting and packing meat;
  • packing, wrapping and labeling.


  • high efficiency;
  • accuracy;
  • discipline.


  • we accept applications based on the biometrics, visa, residence card, and voivodship visa;
  • fully legal employment;
  • we prepare an invitation for crossing the border using biometrics;
  • preparing an invitation for a 1-year visa;
  • assistance in applying for a temporary residence permit (karta czasowego pobytu) in Poland.